Sunday, October 19, 2008


Salt Lake Temple

Sunflowers, Salem, Utah
Upper Provo Falls, Uinta Mountains, Utah

Upper Calf Creek Falls, Escalante, Utah
Pines at Sunset, Salem, Utah

Sunflower, Salem, Utah

Utah Lake, Utah Valley, Utah

The Old White Barn, Park City, Utah

Catus Flowers, Boulder Mountain, Utah

Burrow & Sunflowers, Salem, Utah

Balanced Rock, Arches National Park, Utah


*Brittany* said...

I'm so glad we're blog buddies now! Great pictures Rick. I always love looking at your photography, it's amazing. I'm not rich enough to hire you or else I would:)

Jack&Rosie said...

Love the pictures... seriously, I want to buy them all and hang them in my house. I really love the ones your took traveling... some day, I hope my pictures look half as good as yours. :)

Digo não Digo said...

Hello Rick!

Absolutely beautiful pictures!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

Your friens from Rio de Janeiro,

Humberto & Rodrigo Lucidi

Mike Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Rick! I have a suggested name for the top picture of the misty snowy lake "Summer's Over". It reminds me of times searching for Garrett in the Uintahs in the fall of 2004.

Great work.

Teresa said...

Beautiful photographs Rick. You have amazing talent!
I do a little photography myself and I love it. It's a great outlet for me and really fun. I'm nowhere near as good as you are and of course, I'm always chasing the next best camera - I would love a new cannon (someday, right?)
Take Care,

Teresa Jordan

Teresa said...

Hey - don't know if this is helpful or not, but I have a photography friend who was telling me that she has sold some of her photography and increased the number of people who visit her site by doing a giveaway. She posted a picture and anyone who left a comment on it was entered in a drawing and then she drew out a name and sent the winner an 8x10 of the picture. She said that tons of people came to her site to enter the giveaway. She also told me that she goes on to other photography sites and always leaves a comment. From there, other photographers can link back to your site and it greatly increases the traffic and number of people seeing your pics. Don't know if you are wanting more traffic or not, but it's just a thought (so that you can get a little closer to paying the bills with your picture - they are really good). Have a great day.

Brilhante said...

Hi Rick !!!
Beautiful photos. your eyes capture the light and the shadow under a perspective of your interior and show your sensitivity. I loved the photos. Thank you for sharing with us your moments and perceptions.

Take care yourself

Lucivaldo Brilhante